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Artist Statement

Beauty is at the core of what I desire to express with each sculpture.  It’s not that I want to define beauty for my viewers, but instead celebrate its ever-changing form and moment.  Each sculpture begins with an inspirational moment; something I’ve seen or experienced.  As I sketch and choose materials to begin working on the preconceived idea, it almost always changes from its original manifestation.  Often I will combine multiple inspirations, or experiences, together to create what I consider an even greater, or “hybrid” expression.


The greatest source of inspiration for my work is the natural environment.  I am fascinated by patterns found in nature.  These patterns often signify growth, division, decay, movement, and attraction.  The natural balance that can be found between organic chaos and systematic geometry especially intrigues me.


I greatly enjoy the freedom of non-representational sculpture because it allows me to create objects that speak directly to the imagination and visual experience.  Although, I may begin with a specific idea in mind, or attach my own specific interpretation to the sculptures, viewers are welcome to interpret in their own personal ways.


Materials I use most commonly are steel, concrete, clay, wood, stone, cast iron, bronze and aluminum.  I am able to manipulate these materials with processes such as welding, casting, carving, and modeling.  The combination of materials and forms allow for a metaphoric visual language.  For example, geometric forms can reference mathematics or systemic order, threads of a bolt may reference technology and man’s desire to construct, while materials such as stone, wood, sticks, and various textures more literally refer to the natural environment.  I often curve the sides of geometric forms to give an inflated appearance.  Doing so seems to bring the forms to life, as if they are taking a deep breath.  I enjoy combining organic and geometric elements to create hybridized expressions, which I believe reflect the relationship between humans and the natural world.  My constant search for geometry within nature stems from my desire to understand and feel connected to what I consider divine creation.

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